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House collapses in Kampong Lorong Sikuna

James Kon

No fatalities were recorded after a wooden house collapsed in Kampong Lorong Sikuna, Kampong Ayer on Tuesday, the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) stated.

Four firefighters from Sungai Kebun Fire Station led by ABK 579 Yusuf bin Haji Ahmad were dispatched following a distress call involving a collapsed wooden house.

On arrival, firefighters found the collapsed house submerged in water. Firefighters placed a fire line around the house and tied it to prevent from drifting and hitting nearby houses during high and low tide.

The FRD also contacted government agencies to provide assistance to the family.

The FRD advised homeowners to always check the structure of their houses.

The collapsed house in Kampong Lorong Sikuna. PHOTO: FRD