Monday, March 4, 2024
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Brunei Town

Hospital staff ought to show more compassion for the elderly

My recent experience at the specialist clinic of a public hospital was marred by an encounter with an insensitive receptionist.

My mother and I were accompanying my elderly father for an appointment. Despite my best efforts to explain the necessity of having two people present to support my father, the receptionist insisted that one of us left.

While I was willing to wait outside, under the sun, my primary concern was my father’s well-being as my mother alone would not be able to assist him adequately.

What concerns me is the treatment of the elderly. Many senior patients do not have someone to accompany them, thus it is crucial that they are afforded compassion, given their unique needs.

I hope to see the issue being given due attention to ensure that all hospital staff employ a more considerate and respectful approach to elderly patients.

Concerned Citizen