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Heal and chill

For enthusiasts, camping is about finding solace

Sometimes in life we all need a little pit stop for some “heal and chill”. Taking healing trips isn’t just a trend; it’s a boost for your soul.

These trips aren’t just about pretty landscapes (though they help), but it is also about tuning into the sounds of birds, and giving your mind a break.

I was pleasantly surprised by the sudden surge in enthusiasm for the outdoors in the Sultanate.



You might have heard ‘kerusi healing’, a term that’s becoming increasingly popular.

 When locals mention ‘healing’, they’re talking about taking a break for stress relief, and kerusi translates to chair. So, when you hear about ‘kerusi healing’, it’s about those portable camping chairs that people can easily set up anywhere to unwind and enjoy the outdoors.

‘Kerusi healing’ is a trend where campers set up portable chairs to unwind and enjoy the outdoors. PHOTO: HAZIMAH AZHAR


Effy, a first-time camper, recounted her family’s adventure during a recent excursion to Seri Kenangan Beach in Tutong District.

Part of the ‘Family 349’ gathering, they discovered the campsite to be comfortable, immersed in the practice of kerusi healing. “It was a heartwarming experience for everyone, creating memories to cherish before the end of the year,” Effy said.

Muhd Wa’iz, another camping enthusiast from the local crew Urban Campers, shed light on the growing camping phenomenon in Brunei. Inspired by the Malaysia Camping FB group, Urban Campers started their journey by acquiring essential gear such as tents and foldable chairs. The post-COVID era marked their full immersion into camping.

Wa’iz explained that traditional camping is only meant for a day, and glamping, a more luxurious set-up, is designed to  last two or more days.

Highlighting the appeal of Brunei’s diverse landscapes, he emphasised the potential for camping sites that could attract both locals and tourists.

Glamping is a better option for family outings, especially those with young children. PHOTOS: URBAN CAMPER

“The prime camping sites are situated in mountainous areas for the refreshing air and breathtaking views. Beaches also provide a delightful experience as you can relish the soothing sound of waves at night, fostering relaxation and stress release,” said Muhd Wa’iz said.

Another camper, Hazimah Azhar, shared her insights into the rising popularity of glamping in Brunei. Short for glamourous camping, it’s where outdoor fun meets pure luxury.

Although camping cabins are not yet common in Brunei, Hazimah said that the concept could be akin to village homestays in Temburong and Tutong.

Alternatively, enthusiasts can set up safari tents, a trend gaining traction, especially on Brunei’s picturesque beaches.

“Glamping may be a better option for family outings, especially those with small children. Compared to traditional camping, it allows for an outdoor experience while retaining access to running water, electricity, or a mattress – amenities that urban families might find indispensable even on a short camping trip,” she added.

A family camping at a beach. PHOTO: HAZIMAH AZHAR


The campers expressed hope for the government to develop proper camping sites, even on a paid admission basis, to fully capitalise on Brunei’s camping potential.

With its diverse landscapes, Brunei has the opportunity to become a sought-after destination for camping enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. – Adib Noor