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Hairstylist makes Guinness World Record for highest hairstyle

NDTV – Love styling your hair? A well-known hairstylist Dani Hiswani just made Guinness World Record for the highest hairstyle. Hiswani styled a woman’s hair in the shape of a Christmas tree at an astonishing 2.90 metres in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, on September 16 this year.

Guinness World Record shared the video on Instagram yesterday. The video shows a woman wearing a helmet that had three little poles standing upright. Hiswani used wigs, and hair extensions to create the coiffure and added decorations.

Along with the video, the caption reads, Highest hairstyle 2.90 metres by Dani Hiswani.

According to a release by Guinness World Records, Dani got into fashion seven years ago and that’s when he started showcasing his talent with hair. He believes that hairstyling is more than just a service, it’s a form of art.

Dani Hiswani styled a woman’s hair in the shape of a tree at astonishing 2.90 metres. PHOTO: GUINNESS WORLD RECORD