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Growing from strength to strength

Omani Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam Erma Said Mohamed Al Kathiry highlighted 39 years of bilateral relations between Oman and Brunei Darussalam in a message highlighting her country’s 53rd National Day.

The ambassador noted that diplomatic relations between the two countries, established on March 24, 1984, continues to be stable, healthy and sees steady development. “Since establishing diplomatic relations, Oman and Brunei Darussalam have concluded numerous agreements and memorandums of understanding (MoUs) in different fields of cooperation,” she said.

The ambassador said bilateral relations are discussed and reviewed regularly through Bilateral Consultative Meetings, a mechanism established in 1992 and has been held 21 times since, alternating between Bandar Seri Begawan and Muscat. She said during these meetings, both countries have identified and explored new investment opportunities in various industries.

“There is ample reason to expect our two countries partnership to reach new heights and cover more sectors including industries, tourism, logistics, fisheries, as well as, technology, health care, water, environment, and renewable energy.

“We hope that the friendship and cooperation between our countries will grow from strength to strength,” said the ambassador.

Omani Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam Erma Said Mohamed Al Kathiry. PHOTO: EMBASSY OF OMAN IN BRUNEI DARUSSALAM