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Greeting through card a dying custom

One of my fondest memories of Hari Raya celebrations is receiving a greeting card in the mail. Nothing beats the feeling of hearing the engine of a motorcycle outside my house, rushing to meet the postman and receiving a bunch of Raya cards with my name across the envelopes.

These days, people would rather avoid the hassle of mailing out cards; and instead send out gifs on WhatsApp. As a matter of fact, most shops have stopped stocking up Raya cards for the lack of demand for them.

Prior to the festive season, I decided to educate my children on the Raya custom of yesteryear by mailing them greeting cards. I envisioned the postman showing up at our doorstep and the confused look on my children’s faces turned into excitement.

It’s been three weeks and I’m still waiting for the cards to arrive. Sure, it can be argued that greeting cards have gone out of fashion in this digitalised world.

But there are those who would like to revisit the old ways once in a while. To be met with the revelation that the postal service is not quite as we remember brings tremendous sadness to the sentiment side of me.

Disappointed Mother