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Greek bakers cook up 11,000-pound New Year’s cake

UPI – A team of 200 bakers combined their efforts in Greece to create a massive vasilopita, a traditional New Year’s cake, weighing in at more than 11,000 pounds.

The vasilopita was baked on New Year’s Eve in collaboration with dozens of Athens-area bakeries and the Bakers Guild of Athens, Suburbs & Surroundings.

The finished product was assembled on a street in Peristeri, a suburb of Athens.

The cake weighed more than 11,020 pounds and was made from 8,800 pounds of flour, 4,400 pounds of butter, 2,200 pounds of sugar, 2,000 eggs, 1,500 oranges and four boxes of vanilla.

Organisers said the massive cake is being submitted to Guinness World Records for official recognition as the world’s largest vasilopita.

The cake was split into 50,000 pieces and served to attendees.