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Google Maps update includes EV charging stations

BERLIN (ANN/THE STAR) – A new Google Maps update will be rolled out globally this week, allowing drivers of electric cars to find suitable charging stations more easily, according to the company.

With the latest updates, available both for Android and iOS, Google Maps will start providing additional information on charging stations where available, including whether the stations charge quickly, moderately or slowly.

And since not every charging station is always operational, drivers can also see when a station was last used “to help you avoid wasting time heading to a broken charger.”

This innovation will particularly benefit drivers of electric cars equipped with navigation software that cannot display the status of the charging station in real-time.

With the latest updates, Google Maps is also introducing a more detailed map and launching Immersive View in several cities including New York, London, Paris and Tokyo. Announced earlier this year, the feature will provide a multidimensional view of your route designed to make it easier to orientate yourself when on the way.

The latest version of Google Maps, being rolled out globally this week, includes more useful information on EV charging stations, including how fast they’ll charge your car. PHOTO: GOOGLE LLC/DPA