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Girl turns tables on father in viral video

THE STAR – A confident little girl in China has become a source of social media delight after she was filmed telling her father, who was trying to help her lose weight, he does not need to slim down as she loves him anyway.

The father of the unnamed girl, from Shandong province in eastern China, believed his daughter to be overweight.

After dinner one Sunday the father accompanied his daughter for a walk. The father did not want to hurt his daughter’s feelings, so he decided to keep silent about his motivation, Xinhua news agency reported.

However, the daughter assumed her father’s motivation for suggesting the walk was his own desire to lose weight.

In a video filmed by the mother, the girl was seen strolling along a river while talking to her father.

“Let’s go for a gentle stroll every day after having dinner, okay?” suggested the father.

“Is it to slim down?” the daughter asked her father.

The father sounded surprised as he did not expect his daughter to raise the subject but acknowledged this was his motivation.

His daughter then turned the tables on the stunned father.

“You don’t have to lose weight, I love you no matter what you will become,” the daughter said.

The mother filming was then heard bursting into a high-pitched laugh.

“Why?,” the father then asked.

“Because you are my father,” the daughter responded.

The short video has gone viral, clocking up more than 240 million views across Chinese social media.

A screencapture of the viral video