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Getting up close and personal with crab farming

James Kon

Wafira group members visited a crab nursery farm in Jalan Danau, Kampong Telisai in Tutong District recently.

The crab farm, established in 2018 and owned by Berjaya Aquaculture, is independently funded and maintained by three staff members.

Manager Khalid Rijal briefed the visitors on the technology used – the vertical mud crab farming technique called recirculating aquaculture system (RAS) – enabling the farm to house up to 2,000 crabs.

He also noted that water analysis is crucial to ensure the quality of the crabs is maintained.

The crabs, received from local suppliers, are examined and quarantined before being put in the nursery.

The crabs, bred for local consumption, are fed twice daily until they are about 300 to 500 grammes in weight.

Khalid Rijal with Wafira group members during the visit. PHOTO: JAMES KON