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From low-rise cuts to hot pink, the fashion trends set to lose appeal in 2023

AFP – New trends are constantly appearing on the scene in a progression of (mostly) distinct styles, and a new year is always synonymous with new inspiration for our wardrobe.

This is good news given that Y2K fashion dominated the discourse throughout 2022 in terms of trends, with low-rise cuts at the forefront – a comeback with which we could have done without.

While we may be seeing a return to normcore and gorpcore in sartorial choices, with a returned emphasis on basics and staples, 2022 largely embraced a certain, rather bold aesthetic, with a focus on 2000s style.

A major source of inspiration that has largely influenced some trends, coming straight from – for the most part – various social networks.

On TikTok, the hashtag #Y2K counts over 12 billion views, across fashion and beauty related content, while the hashtags #Y2Kaesthetic and #Y2Kfashion count 1.9 and 1.2 billion, respectively.

Nothing short of a tidal wave that has brought with it trends that the average person could probably have done without. But don’t panic, some major ones are about to fall by the wayside.

AE Stretch Low-Rise Tomgirl Jean. PHOTO: AMERICAN EAGLE
Cold Shoulder Cutout Sweater. PHOTO: ARMANI EXCHANGE
Zendaya for the Valentino Pink PP Collection. PHOTO: VALENTINO
Charlize platform in pink. PHOTO: STEVE MADDEN


Starting from the very beginning of last year, back in January 2022, fashion found itself facing a dramatic comeback: that of low-rise cuts.

A trend that no one had seen coming and one that the over-30 crowd has had trouble accepting.

And for good reason.

Whether in the form of pants, jeans or skirts, low-waisted styles have awakened old fashion traumas among many – and that’s an understatement.

One has to acknowledge that low-rise styles aren’t the most inclusive trend of the last 20 years for a range of different body shapes and types.

This particular fashion inspiration, which two decades ago was inseparable from celebrities like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera, is tricky to style and therefore to make our own.

And if we’re already ready to banish it from our wardrobes, one reason may be because it is associated with several other fashion faux pas, starting with visible thong underwear – another trend that has been tricky for many to get behind.


Even before receiving an avalanche of criticism of all kinds, rest assured, cut-outs don’t really offend anyone, at first glance. They can even be chic when used in a subtle and discreet way on sweaters, tops, dresses, or even suits.

However, last year’s styles have been dominated by pieces featuring cut-outs that are a little less sophisticated, with the cuts often positioned in places that have not always had the classiest effect.

In December 2021, these kinds of cut-outs made their comeback on the red carpet, then a few months later on the runways, but rest assured, the latest shows dedicated to Spring/Summer 2023 have removed it from women’s wardrobes.

Cut-outs are set to be replaced by a more sensual approach to dressing, involving sheer fabrics, as seen at Prada and Miu Miu.


It was impossible to miss last year’s Barbiecore phenomenon (with its 190 million views on TikTok), which has brought back the famous hot pink of the cult doll.

A single photo from the live-action Barbie film, which will be released in theatres this year, was enough to make this aesthetic a must-have throughout 2022.

Designers, influencers, and consumers alike embraced it and come up with looks that are each more kitsch – albeit rather cheerful – than the last.

Valentino is among the houses that made this hot pink a top colour for the Autumn/Winter 2022 season by sending it out in head-to-toe looks in a host of silhouettes.

But the trend is coming to an end, with a new year punctuated by more neutral shades, such as beige, as well as pastels, cobalt blue, or orange, among the flagship colours of the next season.