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Fresh new take on SAV concept

James Kon

QAF Auto, the official distributor of BMW vehicles in Brunei launched their new BMW iX electric vehicle (EV) model yesterday. The vehicle combines premium comfort and state of the art electric mobility technology.

The launch at the BMW showroom at the QAF Auto was unveiled by QAF Auto General Manager Alisa Khoo and Head of Sales Daniel Loo.

The BMW iX and its battery cells were produced at BMW Group Plant Dingolfing, Germany.

With its trailblazing design and an interior devoted to luxurious spaciousness, the first-ever BMW iX embodies a fresh new take on the sports activity vehicle (SAV) concept. The model conceived from the outset for purely electric mobility is based on a new toolkit for the future, whose vast potential for innovations in the areas of automated driving, operation, connectivity and digital services, translate into a premium mobility experience unparalleled in this segment.

The first-ever BMW iX is equipped with an electric all-wheel-drive system, with a combined output of 240 kilowatt (kW)/326 horsepower. The drive technology’s efficiency paired to the very latest battery cell technology results in WLTP-calculated ranges of up to 425 kilometres (km).

The electric all-wheel-drive system in the first-ever BMW iX transmits the exact amount of drive torque to the front and rear wheels in all driving situations. Its intelligent control enables variable power transmission ranging from highly efficient pure rear-wheel drive through to an all-wheel-drive set-up that maximises traction.

ABOVE & BELOW: QAF Auto General Manager Alisa Khoo and Head of Sales Daniel Loo unveil the new BMW iX; and interior of the vehicle and the charging terminal. PHOTOS: JAMES KON

Meanwhile, the near-actuator wheel slip limitation technology fitted in tandem with the all-wheel drive for the first time brings about a further improvement in traction and handling stability. Integrated into the motor management, the system produces very precise and lightning-fast corrective inputs and thereby enables the car to make effortless progress at all times, even in adverse weather and road conditions. The first-ever BMW iX xDrive40 accelerates from zero to 100km per hour in 6.1 seconds.

The fifth-generation BMW eDrive technology fitted in the first-ever BMW iX is centred around a drive unit bringing together the electric motor, power electronics and transmission within a single housing.

The BMW eDrive technology also includes a high-voltage battery with state-of-the-art battery cell technology. Its volumetric energy density at cell level is up by around 40 per cent compared to the high-voltage battery in the 2020 BMW i3. The first-ever BMW iX xDrive40 is fitted with a high-voltage battery with a net energy content of 71 kWh (gross energy content: 76.6 kWh).

The body structure, design principle and chassis tuning of the first-ever BMW iX are perfectly geared to blending superb ride comfort with sporty handling characteristics.

The aluminium space frame construction and the Carbon Cage’s use of carbon fibre-reinforced plastic (CFRP) in the roof and at the sides and rear result in an intelligent material mix that increases rigidity at the same time as minimising weight. The optimised aerodynamic properties that contribute to the car’s drag coefficient of just 0.25 also have a positive impact on efficiency and range. The high-voltage battery located low down in the car’s underbody lowers the centre of gravity, combining with the even weight distribution to make handling nimbler.

The Combined Charging Unit (CCU) in the BMW iX has been designed to offer a very high level of charging flexibility. DC power can be taken on board at a rate of up to 150 kW. This allows the battery’s state of charge to be increased from 10 to 80 per cent in around 31 minutes. The charging range can be increased by more than 95km in just 10 minutes when it is plugged into a DC fast-charging station with an initial battery charge of 10 per cent. The BMW iX is compatible with all Type 2 public charging stations.

The new generation of the iDrive display and operating system making its debut in the first-ever BMW iX expands the interaction between driver and vehicle and turns it into a natural dialogue. The BMW Curved Display is a fully digital display grouping formed by a 12.3-inch information display and a control display with a screen diagonal of 14.9 inches housed together behind a glass surface that is angled towards the driver. The new My Modes expand the range of vehicle settings that can be selected, thereby creating an all-encompassing driving experience.

The BMW iX is now available for viewing at the BMW Brunei showroom.