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French phenom Wembanyama enjoys his time on court with draft hoopla over

SAN ANTONIO (AP) – French phenom Victor Wembanyama has made the rounds of national television talk shows after being selected as the number one overall pick in the NBA draft.

The centre has conducted more press conferences than he can count. He has attended numerous public appearances and he even squeezed in a dinner with a group of Hall of Famers.

It comes with being perhaps one of the most hyped prospects the NBA has ever seen. A charismatic 19-year-old who has the agility and the skills of a guard while standing taller than almost everyone, it’s little wonder Wembanyama’s time has been stretched more than his eight-foot wingspan.

“I think I’ve spent more time with the media than on the court,” Wembanyama said on Friday as he met the media for the first time since starting work with the team. After being tasked with so many commitments off the court, Wembanyama finally took to the court on Thursday to practice with the Spurs for the first time as they prepare for upcoming summer leagues.

“It felt really good, felt really good,” Wembanyama said. “Also, I had a warm welcome with the guys. Yeah, I just can’t wait. I was told beforehand that there was a good dynamic with the team on and off the court and I started to feel it already. It just makes me even more certain that this is a good environment.”

Wembanyama is home, even if he still hasn’t had time to find a house in San Antonio.

Wembanyama will not play in the California Classic Summer League that opens tomorrow in Sacramento. He will compete in the NBA 2K24 Summer League on July 7-17 in Las Vegas.

“I don’t know how it works yet (as far as) how many minutes I’m going to play,” he said. “I know I’m going to have a big role and it’s going to be intense. I can’t wait to wear that Spurs jersey for the first time.”

His excitement has only grown since he was drafted by the Spurs on June 22.

Victor Wembanyama. PHOTO: AP