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Free diaper scheme not working as planned

A few years ago, a scheme was introduced to provide free diapers for the first year of newborn babies. For underprivileged families, it was a blessing.

When our son was born in December 2022, we signed up for the scheme. We were told that we would receive supplies at birth as well as when the baby was two months old, then fourth, sixth and ninth months.

However, our son is now over a year old and we have yet to receive diapers between fourth and ninth months. Given that the only available sizes are small and medium, we’re not sure if they would fit him anymore if we were to receive our supplies now.

During the period, we have had regular contact with the health centre and the response has always been the same, that they are waiting for instruction from the top. When we first found out that there was a new stock arriving, we were excited only to also learn that it was for babies born in 2023.

The scheme is meant for parents who are struggling to make ends meet. But as it stands, there are gaps in supplies that merely cause stress to those who are already financially stretched. Thus, I would like to call on the authorities to device ways to ensure that these precious basic necessities are delivered on time.

Helpless Family