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Foreigner fined BND500 for selling telcom equipment without valid licence

A Bangladeshi national was issued a BND500 compound fine for committing an offence under S34(2) of the Telecommunications Order, 2001 by offering for sale and selling telecommunications equipment without a valid licence.

The offender was given 14 working days to settle the fine.

During an investigation, the officers from the Enforcement Unit of the Authority for Info-communications Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AITI) found the man offering for sale several walkie-talkies and other telecommunication accessories.

The offender did not possess a valid dealer’s licence from the AITI to sell telecommunications equipment.

The walkie-talkies were also not approved and there was no evidence of any import permit documents necessary to assure that the walkie-talkies conformed to national safety and technical standards.

AITI cautioned the public that using non-conforming telecommunications equipment may cause interference to other telecommunications equipment, stations, networks or systems.

Other effects include power disruptions or leakages, inability of the device to function as intended as well as causing harm.

The public can also help in the efforts to stop unlawful activities by e-mailing to lodge complaints.

The illegal and undocumented telecommunication equipment found during the investigation. PHOTOS: AITI
AITI enforcement officers with the offender.