Wednesday, April 24, 2024
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Brunei Town

Food diplomacy

The Thailand Bazaar is back for its fifth instalment, featuring authentic Thai delicacies and products on display at the OneCity Shopping Centre until Sunday.

“We have received encouraging responses from the public over the last four years,” said Ambassador of Thailand to Brunei Darussalam Boosara Kanchanalai.

She said that this year, 58 vendors are participating, including those selling Thai food and beverages that have been the main draw of the bazaar.

“Thai cuisine has been a favourite for many Bruneians. Visitors can find the authentic Thai taste here to transport them to the vibrant streets of Thailand, including favourites such as pad thai, som tam, mango sticky rice and Thai tea,” she said.

The ambassador said that there is immense potential for what she called ‘food diplomacy’.

“Food has an incredible ability to transcend cultural boundaries, foster understanding and forge connections between people from diverse background,” she said.

The bazaar also features fruits and vegetable carving and cooking demonstrations. “It is hope that through such activities, visitors can have an enjoyable experience to learn about Thailand’s culinary heritage,” she said.

Other products on display include a variety of Thai handicrafts, fabrics and wellness products.

There are also importers and distributors promoting Made in Thailand products. – James Kon

Visitors to the Thailand Bazaar at OneCity Shopping Centre. PHOTO: JAMES KON
ABOVE & BELOW: Ambassador of Thailand to Brunei Darussalam Boosara Kanchanalai and French Ambassador to Brunei Darussalam Bernard Regnauld-Fabre at the Thailand Bazaar; and a food demonstration. PHOTO: JAMES KON