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Flight data recorder recovered from US Navy plane that overshot the runway near Honolulu

KANEOHE (AP) – The flight data recorder of a large United States (US) Navy plane that overshot a runway and ended up in the water near Honolulu, Hawaii last week has been recovered as the military continues to plan for the aircraft’s removal.

The Navy’s Aircraft Mishap Board is investigating on scene at Marine Corps Base Hawaii in Kaneohe Bay, trying to determine the cause of the accident and any contributing factors, the Navy said on Friday in a statement.

Sailors from a mobile diving and salvage unit retrieved the data recorder on Thursday and conducted a hydrographic survey to assess the P-8A plane’s structural integrity. The survey also assessed the coral and marine environment around the plane, which will aid them in minimising impact during its removal, the Navy said.

Kaneohe Bay residents have expressed concerns about possible coral reef damage and other potential harm from fuel or other chemicals in the area, which is about 2.4 kilometres (km) from an ancient fishing point.

The Navy said it has put primary and secondary containment booms around the airplane, along with other absorbent materials. Specially trained personnel are monitoring the area 24 hours a day.

There were no injuries to the nine people aboard the plane during last Monday’s accident at the base, located about 16km from Honolulu on Oahu.

United States Navy Sailors during an operation in waters just off the runway at Marine Corps Air Station Kaneohe Bay, Hawaii. PHOTO: AP