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Sunday, December 3, 2023
31 C
Brunei Town

Five As students up in this year’s PSR examination

There was an increase in the number of students with Grade ‘A’ in all five subjects in this year’s Primary School Assessment (PSR) examination compared to last year, said the Ministry of Education (MoE) yesterday.

Some 556 candidates (9.13 per cent) obtained A’s in all five subjects, an increase of 1.08 per cent from 2022, of which 273 were from government schools.

Of the 556 candidates, 498 (8.17 per cent) were Bruneians. Meanwhile, 662 candidates received four A’s and one B, of which 376 (56.80 per cent) were from government school.

Some 6,093 candidates sat the exam this year, of which 4,175 (68.52 per cent) were government school candidates and 1,918 (31.48 per cent) were private school candidates.

From these, 5,239 (85.98 per cent) candidates obtained grades ‘A’ to ‘D’ in all five subjects.

Meanwhile, 4,360 candidates (71.56 per cent) obtained grades ‘A’ to ‘C’ in the five subjects.

Some 2,801 candidates (67.09 per cent) government school candidates and 1,559 candidates (81.28 per cent) private school candidates obtained grades ‘A’ to ‘C’ in all five subjects.

Meanwhile, 36 schools achieved 100 per cent passing grades ‘A’ to ‘D’ for all five subjects, including 22 government schools. Thirteen schools achieved 100 per cent grades ‘A’ to ‘C’ results for all five subjects, including nine government schools.

There was also an increase in achievements of grades ‘A’ to ‘C’ in four subjects this year compared to 2022 – Malay Islamic Monarchy (MIB) was at 97.93 per cent, (up by 0.27 per cent); English Language at 92.45 per cent (up by 0.53 per cent); Science at 89.30 per cent (up by 1.07 per cent); and Mathematics 76.46 per cent (up by 13.04 per cent).

Meanwhile, the quality of achievement of candidates who obtained an ‘A’ for each subject was for MIB 50.94 per cent; English Language 39.76 per cent; Science 38.74 per cent; Mathematics 30.46 per cent; and Malay Language 25.76 per cent.

Students can receive the slip of their results at their schools. Private candidates can collect their result slips at the Examinations Department counter, at Block C of the MoE during office hours. – Azlan Othman


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