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Fitness on their mind

Fadhil Yunus

The availability of fitness centres, gyms and studios plays an imperative role in advocating the good health and well-being of the people in the Sultanate, while also supporting the nation’s interest in adopting a healthy lifestyle.

In this regard, the mushrooming of fitness centres across Brunei Darussalam over the years has attracted a large clientele base of active and regular gym goers, encompassing the differing profiles of individuals.

Such establishments have witnessed a steady rise in participation among members and walk-in guests amid the desire to accomplish specified fitness goals or targets.

Over the last few years, premium fitness boutiques have entered the market to accommodate guests who aim for quality and access to internationally-proven training and a workout activity which truly satisfies their needs.

The game-changing presence of such establishments has elevated the fitness landscape among members who yearn for specialised training that is in line with international standards and on par with similar centres both regionally and globally.

International studios such as United States-based Soul Cycle and Psycle in the United Kingdom are considered prime examples of the high demand and popularity of the fitness market supported by a large number of memberships from clients.

This also applies to similar establishments in the region such as in Singapore and Malaysia, where there has been an increased interest among fitness enthusiasts, as proven by the extension of branches.

Personal training services also provide individuals a specific programme suited to their fitness needs and goals.

The wide selection of activities has contributed to the expansion of the fitness scene in the Sultanate, offering a healthy choice for fitness-minded individuals.

Nevertheless, interest in embracing a healthy lifestyle is not relatively new in Brunei given the early boom of the fitness scene with the emergence of centres offering a variety of self-defence classes.

The unique and diverse approach to fitness also ensures a multitude of alternatives for patrons, especially the boom and popularity of combat sports, and offers training both recreationally and competitively.

These establishments have also laid the foundations for individuals learning and possessing a diverse set of skills and ultimately making the transition as athletes.

Some have benefitted from countless hours of training sessions, as newcomers venturing into disciplines – including kick-boxing and Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (BJJ) – progressed into competition-ready athletes.

This is true with local gyms producing athletes who are competent to fight internationally with the trio – Eazy Anuar, Adib Sulaiman and Nurhidayat Haji Abdul – all having signed up to the One Warrior Series, a brainchild of well-renowned combat sports figure Rich Franklin.

Similar to other countries, there are varying approaches or alternatives to practice a healthy lifestyle to complement other activities such as hiking, running, swimming or wall climbing.

During the mid-2010s, indoor cycling or spinning was fast growing as a popular activity, which further emphasised the interest and demand of the fitness community, driven by the activity focussing on choreographed movements.

During the same period, yoga was also fast becoming a trend among the fitness community.

The traditional methods of vinyasa and hatha were introduced to better serve an evolving industry and a growing fitness community base.

Lagree also made an entrance in the fitness scene.

This is an activity offering next-generation exercise equipment that provides clients with high intensity and low impact workouts.

In the late 2010s, the art of RPM cycling saw an instant rise of consumers, both new and those familiar with the discipline. The number of visitors to such studios with RPM cycling has since grown substantially. Coupled with the guidance of well-trained instructors, the suite of classes offered by such studios ensure guests enjoy an enriched experience that is widely practiced in other countries and is what they will normally experience if they visit a similar class overseas.

As the country ushered in the start of a new decade, boxing classes have also been shaping into a fast-growing activity.

In the studios where such classes are offered, trainers not only teach the fundamentals, techniques and basics of boxing movements, drills and routines but also incorporate elements of fitness that helps build their speed, strength and concentration.

Other activities centred on enhancing one’s physical health also include those which combine weight and functional fitness training.

These specialised classes have undoubtedly helped the rise of the fitness industry and complement gyms that have long been established in the country.