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Firefighters free pup from peril

UPI – Firefighters in Los Angeles, United States, rescued a dog that found itself trapped in a tight gap between two buildings.

According to the Los Angeles Fire Department, the dog, named Ziggi, was believed to have been frightened by fireworks and ran into the narrow space, becoming firmly lodged in it.

“Ziggi was stuck in there pretty good,” the dog’s owner, Barry Koven, told KTLA-TV. “We pulled her up and then she went back down. I thought I was going to lose her. She brings a lot of happiness to me. She doesn’t deserve to die in a wall.”

The Fire Department shared a series of photos on Instagram showing firefighters rescuing Ziggi from above the opening between the buildings.

The department said Ziggi “did not have any apparent injuries”.

The dog after being rescued by firefighters in Los Angeles, United States. PHOTO: LOS ANGELES FIRE DEPARTMENT/INSTAGRAM