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Fire hydrant costs BND300 fine

Daniel Lim

The Fire Safety Division at Operation ‘B’ Branch of the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) issued a BND300 compound fine for the irresponsible use of a fire hydrant on Thursday.

The compound fine was issued to a business establishment in the Belait District for taking water from a nearby fire hydrant without permission for commercial use.

The fine was issued under Chapter 13 (1)(a) of the Fire Safety Order 2016 which pertains to an unauthorised use of water from a fire hydrant other than for extinguishing a fire.

The business establishment was ordered to pay the compound fine within 14 days from when it was issued. Failure to do so will result in action taken against them.

The FRD reminded the public and businesses to comply with the Order, which prohibits the damage or misuse of fire hydrants other than during emergencies.

In addition, fire hydrants are not to be closed, fenced, or hidden away, which can make them difficult to be identified.

The fire hydrants’ surroundings should be clean and not covered by weeds. The FRD said activities on stealing or damaging fire hydrants can be reported to hotline 993.

The fire hydrant being used for commercial purposes without proper permission. PHOTOS: FRD
The fire hydrant was used for commercial purposes without permission