Wednesday, April 17, 2024
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Brunei Town

Fire from car spreads to house

Rokiah Mahmud

Eight firefighters from Lambak Kanan Fire Station, Operation ‘C’ Branch were deployed to a fire incident in Kampong Lambak ‘A’. Acting DSO Haji Roslan bin Haji Bakir led the team after receiving a distress call at 10.56am yesterday.

At the scene, the firefighters found a car engulfed in flames and the fire had spread to a section of a two-storey concrete house.

Equipped with breathing equipment, the firefighters moved in to contain the fire.

Acting Commanding Officer of Operation ‘C’ Branch Acting SSFR Mohamad Sophian bin Haji Md Yusoff, Deputy Commanding Officer of Operation ‘C’ Branch Acting SSFR Haji Mustapa bin Haji Mohamad and Station Commanding Officer of Lambak Kanan Fire Station Acting ASFR Yahya bin Haji Md Jali were at the scene.

The cause of the fire and the estimation of losses are under investigation. No fatalities were reported.

The car and part of the house in flames. PHOTO: FRD