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Brunei Town

Fire destroys home in Kampong Mata-Mata

James Kon

A fire destroyed a bungalow in Kampong Mata-Mata early yesterday morning, said the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD).

The FRD said 12 firefighters from the Beribi Fire Station led by ASO Azami bin Haji Bungsu and ASO Sohardi bin Haji Piut arrived the scene around 3.37am and found the fire engulfing the whole house.

The bungalow was made from concrete with spandex roofing. Firefighters with breathing equipment moved in to fight the fire with three waterjets supplied with water from the fire engine.

The FRD said the fire was under control within 10 minutes and the estimated cost of damages is being investigated.

The FRD reminded the public to ensure that their homes are equipped with fire extinguishers of the powder type, along with fire fire blankets and battery-operated smoke detectors.

The department also reminded that any installation of wiring and electrical equipment should be done by qualified technicians, to switch off electrical appliances after use or before leaving the house and to cover and unplug the gas regulator when it is not in use.

ABOVE & BELOW: Bungalow destroyed by fire in Kampong Mata-Mata. PHOTOS: FRD