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Filling station safety campaign continues

Izah Azahari & Lyna Mohamad

Brunei Shell Marketing Company Sdn Bhd (BSM) launched a four-week Fill Safe, Feel Safe 2022 campaign on August 24.

The safety campaign, now in its third week, focussed on ‘wait until the nozzle is removed to pay’.

Service Champion Siti Norpinah binti Zakir at Negalang Maju Sdn Bhd Fuel Station in Temburong District said, “Some of the things we have to remind customers are to switch off the vehicles’ engines while getting refuelled and we only accept payment once refuelling is completed.”

She said with the safety campaign, most customers comply but there are a few who don’t follow instructions.

For such customers, the staff will try their best to explain why customers need to abide by the rules.

“A common challenge is facing customers with different temperaments. There are times customers don’t understand the rules but we try our best to help them understand.”

Siti Norpinah said BSM has carried out trainings, prepared posters and organised campaigns.

Negalang Maju Sdn Bhd Fuel Station; and Kampong Buang Sakar Petrol Station. PHOTOS: BAHYIAH BAKIR & LYNA MOHAMMAD

ABOVE & BELOW: Siti Norpinah binti Zakir; and Hajah Noridah binti Abu Bakar

“Although the campaign will be over soon, we will continue to practice what we learnt daily.”

She called for customers to cooperate and follow rules for the safety of everyone at the fuel station.

Meanwhile, at Kampong Buang Sakar Petrol Station, Supervisor Hajah Noridah binti Abu Bakar said the station is the only filling station in the waters of Brunei River and that most of its clientele are people living in Kampong Ayer, fishermen and miners. There are also customers living in the neighbourhood and drive there.

Hajah Noridah said, “Safety is important at our station. Our customers mostly buy fuel using jerrycans so we focus on what containers are suitable for use.”

A challenge is when customers disagree with what is or is not allowed and the attendants have to explain to the clients so that they understand.

For customers to feel welcomed at the station, the attendants give safety information in courteous and friendly way so that the clients know it is all for safety’s sake.

Hajah Noridah said, “When customers come here, they fill out a purchase form and then we make sure they have brought approved jerrycans. After that, we will fill it and help bring it over to the customers’ boats.”

She said before the station starts operation every day, the staff make sure the area is safe and the fuel is not contaminated.

The safety campaign is held in cooperation with Petroleum Authority of Brunei Darussalam (PA) to increase public awareness at Shell retail stations. The programme includes joint visit by BSM, PA, the Safety, Health and Environment National Authority (SHENA) and the National Road Safety Council (MKKJR) to filling stations.

For safety information, visit BSM website