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Fashion rewind

ANN/THE STAR – Jelly fashion resurfaces, evoking the nostalgic ambiance of the 90s. While some may hesitate to revisit that era, jelly sandals and bags are making a notable comeback.

Originally introduced in the 80s, jelly shoes, or jellies, have undergone a transformation, with renowned fashion houses such as Gucci, Coach, Prada, Bottega Veneta, and Valentino elevating the once modest, gooey material into coveted luxury items.

These vibrant shoes radiate nostalgia and playfulness, often adorned with glitter to add a touch of sparkle to our steps.

The primary distinction between jelly sandals and other vividly coloured shoes is that the former are usually composed of PVC-plastic.

The caged fisherman silhouette has long been the standard, and while there are some modern variations on the classic design, there are also choices that are more trend-forward and more minimalist.

Celebrities like Lisa from Black Pink was recently spotted rocking a pair of jellies on her feet for a day out strolling the streets of Paris, though the artiste switched out her jellies for a pair of loafers later on.

Jelly shoes radiate nostalgia and playfulness, often adorned with glitter to add a touch of sparkle. PHOTO: BUZZFEED
ABOVE & BELOW: Foam rubber sandals by Prada; and a Jelly Shopper bag from the Telfar x Melissa collaboration. PHOTO: THE STAR

This is no surprise as jelly sandals can be very hard to break into compared to a fresh new pair of sneakers.

If you’ve worn a pair of jellies before, you probably were met with blisters and cuts especially if it’s a fresh pair.

On the other hand, a jelly that would not cause you any pain is the jelly bag. The jelly bag is just like any other bag you own, just in jelly form. Up your ultimate cool girl status with this fun, transparent jelly bag in your wardrobe.

The jelly bags are usually water-resistant and transparent, which is a fan-favourite for festival and concert goers as they wouldn’t need to remove anything from their bag for checks. This makes the jelly bag a summer staple.

The designs of jelly bags are usually casual yet fashionable and makes it easy to pair with all kinds of styles.

It was a childhood dream come true for some with the return of the jelly sandals.

Additionally, the dreamlike material in handbag form is really wonderful, and there were some brands that have “bougiefied” the jelly market.

Coach turned their famous Tabby bag design into a jelly form and definitely made waves when it featured in the Spring/Summer 2023 collection with Lil Nas X walking the runway with the bag along with a pair of jellies on his feet. The bag almost instantly sold out when it dropped with a selling price of close to MYR2,200.

Even Prada has entered the jelly sandal market, charging a cool MYR3,850 for rubber versions of the well-known fisherman sandals.

Gucci also has their own variation of the fisherman sandals which is their Rubber Buckle Strap Sandals collection.

But if you’re looking to add something other than shoes or bags in the jelly trend, the Italian fashion house introduced their very own jelly dive watches.

The watches are water resistant up to 200 metres which includes a glow in the dark feature in the radium dials.

One brand that has been in the jelly business for a long time is Melissa. The brand is known for its iconic caged fisherman sandals.

Along with its eco-friendly material, Melissa has collaborated with names such as Jean Paul Gaultier, Collina Strada and Telfar to name a few.

With all these brands embracing the jelly trend over the past few years, could we see more labels joining in the trend with their own spin in jelly form?

If you haven’t picked up a piece to add into your style, run and get one yourself to stay in trend!

Jelly fashion is more adaptable than you may have thought. Embrace your inner child and experience nostalgia. – Cassandra Victor