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Family ties strengthen at Dragon Boat Festival

Daniel Lim

Over 100 Foochow Association Belait members and their families participated in the Dragon Boat Festival recently.

Association Chairman Tan Tei Tei welcomed the attendees and in his opening speech highlighted the celebration’s significance:

“The Dragon Boat Festival represents one of the many traditional celebrations commemorated in the community, alongside similar celebrations such as Spring Festival, Qingming Festival and Mid-Autumn Festival,” he said.

He said the festival is not only a day for celebration but also for families to reunite.

“The Dragon Boat Festival is not only a festival but also an important cultural heritage as it carries the wisdom and traditional values of the Chinese culture. It reminds us to cherish the warmth of reuniting with our families,” he added.

The celebration continued with a dinner accompanied by various games and activities themed around the celebration, including the making of zongzi to the peeling of pomelos.

The event also featured a lucky draw.

Foochow Association Chairman Tan Tei Tei during the pomelo peeling session. PHOTO: DANIEL LIM