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Fallen tree damages Temburong home

James Kon

The roofing of a Kampong Sibulu home in Temburong District was damaged from the impact of a fallen tree last Thursday. No injuries were reported.

ABK 640 Christoper Jack Lane bin Dawa from Rataie Fire Station led six firefighters in placing a canvas and safety harness over the damaged areas, the Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) said.

Station Commander of Rataie Fire Station Acting DSO Adanan bin Salat and Acting Village Head of Kampong Rataie Haji Bahrun bin Haji Taib oversaw the operation.

The FRD reminded the public to be on the alert for falling trees and to avoid planting trees close to homes. Motorists are advised not to park their vehicles close to trees, and residents are urged to trim the branches.

Fire and Rescue Department personnel canvassing the roof. PHOTO: FRD