Friday, May 24, 2024
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Exposing children to nation’s history

Lyna Mohamad

Thirty-eight children aged between five and 12 participated in the Kelas Celik Sejarah programme, organised by the Library and Learning Division of the Brunei History Centre at the Borneo Research Centre (penBORNEO) in Anggerek Desa recently.

Students took part in various activities including listening, watching videos on history, and colouring to stimulate interest and disseminate the importance of preserving historical materials, while instilling nationhood spirit among young children.

The programme also served to promote penBORNEO as a history, research and reference centre particularly on Borneo, and benefit the young generation to understand the importance of the nation’s history.

It is important to provide exposure to children and educate them on the nation’s history from their early age, according to the programme.

Participants engaged in a light warm-up session before being ushered to the briefing room and attended a presentation on several folklore including Lumut Lunting, Perang Kastila, Jong Batu and Sultan Sharif Ali.

Participants during the programme