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“Every week, they came to beat us”, says released Palestinian prisoner

ISTANBUL (Bernama-Anadolu) — Osama Nayef Osama Marmash, one of 39 Palestinians recently released by Israel as part of a swap deal during a four-day humanitarian pause, spoke on Sunday about the suffering of Palestinians inside Israeli prisons.

The 16-year-old boy from Nablus in the northern West Bank said he was administratively detained five months ago

“Palestinian prisoners in Israeli prisons learned about the swap deal on Friday, after the release of a number of people,” he told Anadolu Agency.

“I woke up in the morning, washed my face, and read the Quran before Israeli soldiers began to wander through the prisoners’ cells to choose the names of those released, as my name was among them,” he said.

The crowd surrounds a Red Cross bus carrying Palestinian prisoners released from Israeli jails in exchange for hostages released by Hamas from the Gaza Strip, in Ramallah in the occupied West Bank early on November 26, 2023. PHOTO: AFP

“Since eight in the morning, we have been waiting in the cold until the Red Cross came and took us from Ofer Prison.

“Every week, they (the Israeli army) came to beat us, and they took all our clothes, bed coverings and mattresses,” he added.

He said the Israeli army gave every prisoner a very thin bed covering.

Marmash recalled that the Israeli army once poured water on the prisoners despite the cold weather, stressing that the food allocated to the prisoners was very little.

“They gave us two bags of bread a day, and we were eight people,” he said.

A four-day humanitarian pause mediated by Qatar, Egypt and the United States went into effect on Friday, temporarily halting Israel’s attacks on the Gaza Strip.