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Ethiopia detains 76 over unrest

NAIROBI, KENYA (AP) – Ethiopian officials say they have arrested 76 suspects following unrest that erupted in the capital, Addis Ababa, during Aidilfitri prayers on Monday.

The unrest followed days of tension between the East African nation’s religious groups in various parts of the country after at least 21 were killed on April 26 in the northern city of Gondar.

Six security officials were arrested for “negligence” over the killings, according to officials in the northwestern Amhara region.

Amid these tensions, scores of thousands of Muslims gathered for prayers on Monday in the capital city’s central Meskel Square where they planned to walk to the nearby stadium.

The procession became violent after tear gas was fired by police. Some windows were smashed, a nearby museum was attacked and rocks were thrown at police, according to local reports. Police arrested some of the protesters.

“A few individuals have caused an unrest that led to damages to property and injuries to security forces. Seventy-six suspects are now under custody,” Ethiopia’s security task force said in a statement on Tuesday without providing more details.