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Essex is a home away from home!

At Essex we support you in making the most of your time at university. We celebrate diversity, challenge inequality and work hard to create a living, learning and working environment that enables you to express your whole self.

We have a range of services and societies geared up to guide you through your university journey – from the moment you arrive, to the day you throw your mortar board in the air, whether you’re a mature student, a commuter or living away from home for the first time.

Home to the curious, brave and bold

BruEssex is essentially a society of Bruneians from Brunei with a tradition of making Bruneians feel at home in the United Kingdom: a first-choice destination for higher education including the University of Essex. BruEssex is not only a place where Bruneian culture is showcased, but it is also a place where everyone can share interests. As the saying goes “Kenali Negara Kitani”.

BruEssex aims to promote the Bruneian culture and traditions through our activities and events that are held throughout the year, varying from dinners, game night, sport sessions, trips and our festive celebrations like Eid Celebration, National day, New Year Hijrah, etc. Anyone is welcome to join the society. Whether you’re Bruneian or just interested in our Bruneian cultural roots, we are here to help and provide a source of comfort whilst being away from home and an extended warm welcome is given to those with learning intentions.

BruEssex was founded in 2014 by Muhammad Fadli Hj Zaini, a second-year student in BA Politics, Philosophy and Economics, who is a Brunei government scholarship student, and received the International Student of the Year Award 2015 from the university’s Vice-Chancellor himself, Professor Anthony Forster.

“Having a high-quality education, diverse student community and a beautiful campus are several reasons why I chose to study in Essex. Well known for its social sciences the University ranked in the top 50 by Times Higher Education in 2020 for social sciences and it was appropriate that I chose Essex as I am currently studying International Relations.

The University has a great teaching structure and professors offer adequate support hours. Even during the pandemic, the online learning experience did not reduce the quality of the teaching. I enjoyed my time on campus and found it very convenient as everything was accessible and within walking distance. The campus has several of its own shops, restaurants, gym, cinema and 120+ societies that you can partake in making student life on campus vastly enjoyable. Moreover, the University is set on 200+ acres of beautiful parkland and one of its student centres has a stunning lake side view. Whether you want to meet your friends or go shopping on a weekend, commuting to London is also viable as Essex to London is within an hour’s train ride.

Before the pandemic hit, the campus was always buzzing with life and having a diverse student community meant that every week or month there was always a culture that students celebrated together in the campus square which makes the University feel more inviting and familiar for international students. It’s clear to say that my time in the University of Essex has been an enriching experience.”

Azhan Arwin, President of the Essex Bruneian Society (BruEssex)

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