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Engine care packages, gifts up for grabs

James Kon

As Hari Raya is being celebrated throughout the Sultanate, children aged five to 11 are also getting ready to go back to school for face-to-face learning beginning today.

Parents will be driving during early mornings and afternoons on school runs to drop off and pick up their children, which includes a lot of stops in traffic, resulting in idle vehicles.

Vehicle idling means that a vehicle is switched on without moving. A constant vehicle idling behaviour can affect engine parts over time by continuously running while operating the battery, air conditioning, and using more fuel and engine oil. Moreover, idle vehicle engines tend to cause incomplete fuel combustion and increase the use of engine oil.

Maintaining a vehicle’s engine is important with the right engine oil, which can ensure proper protection and cleaning to the engine parts. A properly lubricated engine will reduce premature engine failures and prevent dirt particles to form on an engine surface.

Shell Lubricants deliver the highest standard of cleaning and protection for engines to ensure it is running smoothly and this will be more financially beneficial in the long run. Customers can grab the opportunity to service their vehicles with Shell Lubricants through the Ceria Raya Bersama Shell promotion run by Brunei Shell Marketing Company Sdn Bhd (BSM). The promotion offers three CERIARAYA gift packages – Performance Pack, Efficient Pack and Protection Pack.

The packages are a combination of Shell Lubricants, with gifts such as a Limited Edition Shell Helix Polo Shirt, Shell Car Care and Hari Raya packets.

The promotion is only available for Shell Lubricants intended for the Brunei Darussalam market. A QR code is provided on the CERIARAYA promotional posters at participating sites for customers to submit feedback.