Friday, April 19, 2024
27 C
Brunei Town

Eleven temporary clinics set up for National Day

The Ministry of Health (MoH) has set up 11 temporary clinics within and around the areas of Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium in Berakas to provide medical assistance to the public who may need medical attention under the scorching hot weather during Brunei Darussalam’s 40th National Day celebration grand assembly this Saturday and for today’s full dress rehearsal.

The clinics are located near to the main gate, scoreboard areas, Southeast Asian Games torch areas and back entrance areas of the stadium. There are also clinics at areas near the Sports Medicine and Research Centre, gym and the huge stairways.

Other clinics are at areas of Budiman Walk, Pentagon Park, National Swimming Pool and the Indoor Stadium.

Following the hot weather being experienced in the Sultanate, the MoH yesterday issued an advisory requesting the public to take precautionary measures and to protect one’s self from the hot weather and heat wave that can impact the health of individuals attending Brunei Darussalam’s 40th National Day celebration grand assembly.

Hot weather can cause a person to sweat excessively and the lack of fluid in the body may result in the individual easily feeling tired and lacking energy with a risk of dehydration (lack of water in the body and heat stroke).

Children and the elderly are among the groups of highest risk of experiencing health problem due to hot weather.

The MoH advised the public to use sunblock, drink lots of water and avoid consuming drinks with high sugar content to avoid or reduce the impact of health caused by hot weather.

The ministry said participants should have a healthy breakfast before attending the grand assembly and not attend the event if feeling unwell. Wear a hat to protect from being exposed to direct sunlight. Avoid wearing dark, thick and tight clothes and do not sit or leave anyone or pets in the car without air conditioning.

It is also important to know the early sign of heat stroke and should seek immediate professional help for treatment if one experiences such symptoms.

Among the symptoms are high body temperature, feeling dizzy, lack of sweat despite the hot weather, experiencing red, dry and hot skin, weak muscles or muscle spasms, feeling nauseous and vomitish, experiencing a fast heartbeat, experiencing rapid and shallow breathing, experiencing behavioural changes such as confusion, disorientation or shock, convulsion and becoming unconscious.  – James Kon

ABOVE & BELOW: Photos show locations of temporary clinics around the Hassanal Bolkiah National Stadium area. PHOTO: MINISTRY OF HEALTH