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Elegance meets comfort

ANN/THE STAR – With its elegant French windows, charming shiplap wall design, and meticulously landscaped lawn, the two-storey house undeniably garners admiration for
its aesthetics.

Stepping inside, one discovers a delightful abode adorned in a modern farmhouse style, boasting a soothing neutral colour scheme, airy wooden furniture, and intricate woven accents.

Nestled in the gated and guarded community of Bandar Bukit Raja, Klang, Selangor, this residence belongs to Nurul Zarina Rosnan and her husband Mohd Roshidi Ismail, both accountants. They settled into their five-bedroom home in May last year, following renovation efforts that included the addition of eye-catching shiplap walls and picturesque French windows to enhance the exterior appeal.

The latter’s large openings allow plenty of natural light into the home, with black frames adding a modern touch.

The couple wanted a neutral colour palette of white, grey and beige against simple clean lines for the exterior, which is capped with a grey clay roof.

Meanwhile, the landscaping around the house was kept simple, with native plants and flowers amid a green lawn.

“The choice of plants for our backyard is based on the dishes that we always cook at home.

We have curry leaf, pandan, daun kesum and pokok bidara. We also added some outdoor plants such as jasmine and caladium,” said Nurul, 39.

Nurul and her husband Mohd Roshidi Ismail in their garden
ABOVE & BELOW: Coffered ceiling design in the home for its aesthetic appeal and luxurious feel; and colour palette of the TV cabinets revolves around neutral tones such as white, cream, beige and natural wood colours. PHOTO: THE STAR
ABOVE & BELOW: The landscaping around the house was kept simple, with native plants and flowers amidst a green lawn; and French windows and overlapping shiplap wall design on the exterior. PHOTO: THE STAR
Tropical wallpaper and single-slab hardwood dining table. PHOTO: THE STAR
A feature wall decorated with photo frames, a mirror and potted plants. PHOTO: THE STAR
Black-and-white floor tiles and woven design elements in the kitchen. PHOTO: THE STAR

“During weekdays, we enjoy our family time through gardening. Gardening in the evening is a pleasant experience and beneficial for plants. We water, weed, plant and trim them during this time. We also check for pests and enjoy the garden with added lights for a cosy atmosphere. It’s a relaxing way to care for plants and to unwind.

“At night, my spouse and I will relax in the backyard while enjoying our coffee. We’ll spend time together when the housework is done and the kids have gone to bed,” added the mother of four.

Nurul describes her home decor style as modern farmhouse, infused with arched designs and wicker elements.

“For the dining area, I also added a touch of Balinese to suit our lifestyle and our interest in wood and nature,” she said, referring to the tropical wallpaper and single-slab hardwood dining table.

The couple also chose a coffered ceiling design for their home due to its aesthetic appeal and luxurious feel.

“Coffered ceilings add a touch of elegance, create a focal point and contribute to the overall visual appeal of the living area,” said Nurul, who shares her home decor journey on Instagram.

Recently, her home was selected by @ighometourmalaysia – a local home tour group on Instagram hosted by home decor enthusiasts to inspire one another and share ideas on home design and decor – under the theme #ightmtvwall for its stylish look.

“The concept of our TV cabinet is farmhouse style, inspired by Pinterest. I did a lot of research to achieve this look.

“A farmhouse-style TV cabinet is a versatile and charming furniture piece designed to seamlessly blend the rustic aesthetics of a farmhouse with the modern needs of an entertainment centre. Crafted primarily from wood, the cabinet exudes a charming, warm and inviting vibe.

“The colour palette of the TV cabinets revolves around neutral tones such as white, cream, beige and natural wood colours.

“The simplicity of the design is further emphasised by clean lines and minimal ornamentation, creating an uncluttered and visually pleasing piece of furniture, with the focal point being the shiplap wall design – the centrepiece of the TV cabinet,” said Nurul. She added that practical concerns were a priority when designing the TV cabinet as they needed to consider matters such as cable management and adjustable shelving for different-sized media components.

For the kitchen, quartz stone countertops are paired with fishscale backsplash while subway tiles fill the laundry area.

To blend with the overall farmhouse concept, the kitchen floor tiles consist of a simple black-and-white Devon design while more elaborate graphic-patterned tiles are seen in the pantry.

“The best thing about our kitchen is we did not separate the dry and wet kitchens. We used to have a dry and wet kitchen at our old house but it didn’t suit our lifestyle.

“By having an open-concept kitchen, we feel the space is more lively and works as a central gathering space with a large table island.

“We chose a neutral colour palette for our kitchen and added sliding barn doors for charm and functional storage solutions to better organise things. Together, these elements create a warm, inviting and practical farm-house kitchen.”

Nurul’s favourite part of the house?

The pantry.

“The pantry is a practical and charming storage space with wooden shelves, open shelving and rustic decor. It features neutral colours, an arched entryway and modern farmhouse tiles. Organised into zones and with the usage of glass jars, the pantry combines utility with nostalgic design elements, creating a timeless and functional storage area.

“The best part about our pantry is its arched entrance way that offers a cosy mode to enter our pantry. It’s almost like entering a fairy tale world!” said Nurul. – Wong Li Za