Friday, April 19, 2024
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Electrifying Seoul

SEOUL (ANN/THE KOREA HERALD) – An electrifying extravaganza is set to wow  as InterBattery 2024 gears up to take centre stage at the prestigious COEX Convention and Exhibition Center in Gangnam-gu, Seoul, from June 6 to 9. 

Boasting an impressive lineup, this year’s event promises to be nothing short of spectacular, with 579 companies hailing from 18 countries converging to showcase cutting-edge innovations in the battery industry. 

With nearly 75,000 attendees anticipated, InterBattery 2024 is set to offer a comprehensive platform for industry players to explore groundbreaking technologies, engage in insightful conferences, and seize invaluable networking opportunities.

Presented by the Korea Battery Industry Association and COEX, the magnitude of this year’s event surpasses all previous editions, featuring a record-breaking 1,896 booths. 

Among the illustrious participants are global battery powerhouses such as LG Energy Solutions, Samsung SDI, and SK ON, underscoring South Korea’s pivotal role in driving innovation within the global battery market.

Amid concerns about a shrinking battery market due to a slowdown in the electric vehicle sector, the exhibition will spotlight next-generation all-solid-state batteries, known for their potential to make a dent in the market with superior energy density, safety and longevity.

Another major topic will be the focus on more affordable battery solutions, with a significant emphasis on entry-level batteries like lithium iron phosphate batteries aimed at reducing the overall cost of EVs, which currently stands at 40 of the total vehicle manufacturing cost. The exhibition is expected to reveal numerous prototypes, highlighting advancements in cost reduction and performance.

Key South Korean players will present their latest innovations and strategies; Samsung SDI will discuss the development and mass production plans for all-solid-state batteries. LG Energy Solutions will showcase its mid-nickel nickel-cobalt-manganese batteries and Cell-to-Pack technology. SK On will reveal its diversification strategy, including the improved LFP batteries and Super Fast batteries, designed for enhanced low-temperature and fast-charge performance.

Celebrating a year of commercialising lithium-nickel, Posco Holdings will exhibit its achievements in creating a complete secondary battery materials value chain.

The exhibition will also delve into energy storage systems, which are being heralded for stabilising renewable energy sources and facilitating energy transition and decarbonisation efforts. Discussions will cover the safety, regulation, and standardisation of ESS, reflecting its importance in the global shift towards sustainable energy.

Legal and policy trends in the battery sector will complement the discussion on technologies, with legal experts providing insights into the legislative landscape, including the US Inflation Reduction Act and European Union regulations.

InterBattery 2024 will be split into two segments: an exhibition showcasing a wide range of battery technologies for EVs, energy storage, and portable devices, and a conference for sharing the latest industry developments and forecasts.

The event will feature the Battery Conference on cutting-edge battery technologies, EV Trend Korea for electric vehicle innovations, and additional side events like the Battery Job Fair and seminars focusing on EV battery investments and industry trends in the US and UK.