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Elderly couple’s house wrecked after Malaysian storm

KUALA KRAI (BERNAMA) – An elderly couple panicked when their house in Kampung Ingin Maju, Malaysia, was hit by a storm while they were preparing to break fast, on Monday.

Hasmah Awang Kechik, 62, said she was in the kitchen when it rained suddenly and strong winds began to blow off part of the kitchen roof.

Hasmah said luckily her husband Mohamad Asri Ibrahim, 63, was home then and he reacted calmly to the situation by reciting the Azan and Al-Quran verses throughout the ordeal.

“The incident happened at about 6.30pm when I was at the sink washing dishes. Within two minutes, the zinc sheet over our kitchen roof was blown away by the storm,” she said when met by reporters yesterday.

She added that the strong winds uprooted and caused a Machang tree behind the house to crash onto a room located close to the kitchen area. Following the storm, the house which has been their abode for the past 33 years was completely destroyed as the kitchen, bedroom and living room areas were severely damaged, according to Hasmah.

“This is the second time the storm has hit our house. The last incident was two years ago, but it was not too bad as only the roofing and kitchen area were affected,” she said adding they are now putting up at a son’s house nearby.

Despite feeling sad and lost after what had happened, Hasmah said she accepted this as fate and a test for her family in Ramadhan.

The state of Hasmah Awang Kechik’s house after the storm in Kuala Krai, Malaysia. PHOTO: BERNAMA