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Eight violations found during labour operation

The Law Enforcement Division of the Labour Department found eight labour violations during an operation in Kampong Salambigar recently.

The offences were: failure to pay workers for overtime; neglecting to provide workers rest; enforcing work during rest days; asking employees to work past the set working hours; and failure to provide workers with annual leave.

There were also two violations of the foreign worker licence.Workers were found selling nasi katok instead of working the position in the work pass and manning a stall, which is not permitted for foreign workers.

If found guilty, the employer will face a compound fine of up to BND1,000.

Failure to settle the fine will result in the case being brought to court.

The Labour Department in a statement also reminded employers to monitor the welfare of their workers in accordance with the Employment Order 2009 while refraining from violating the foreign worker licence issued by the enforcement agency. – Rokiah Mahmud

Enforcement officers during the operation in Kampong Salambigar. PHOTO: LABOUR DEPARTMENT