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Egypt tries man over murder of student who refused advances

AL MANSURAH, Egypt (AFP) – A trial began yesterday for an Egyptian man accused of stabbing a woman to death in a public street after she rejected his advances.

The case sparked widespread outrage.

A video went viral last week appearing to show the victim, identified as student Nayera Ashraf, being stabbed by a young man outside her university.

The crime triggered widespread anger both in Egypt and beyond, having been followed a few days later by a similar incident in which Jordanian student Iman Irshaid was shot dead on a university campus.

Social media users immediately drew comparisons between the two murders, decrying cases of femicide.

At the Mansoura Criminal Court, 130 kilometres north of Cairo, Mohamed Adel (AFP, pic below) was accused of “premeditated murder”, after confessing to intentionally killing the victim, an AFP correspondent said.

Ashraf previously reported the alleged perpetrator to the authorities, fearing that he would attack her, according to her father and witnesses.

“He stabbed her several times,” said the prosecution, which found “messages threatening to cut her throat” on the victim’s phone.

The next hearing is set for tomorrow, the defendant’s lawyer Ahmed Hamad told AFP.

In a rare occurrence among cases involving violence against women, authorities allowed television cameras to film the hearing yesterday.

On social media, many Jordanian and Egyptian users called for the perpetrator to be sentenced to death, while others said men must “learn to take no for an answer”.

Nearly eight million Egyptian women were victims of violence committed by their partners or relatives, or by strangers in public spaces, according to a United Nations survey conducted in 2015.