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Sunday, December 3, 2023
30 C
Brunei Town

Education is key to ending littering problem

I would like to highlight the issue of littering that has been plaguing the country for many decades now.

I recently went to pick up my children from school when I noticed that the drain in the vicinity was filled with empty bottles and other plastic trash. The current rainy season had resulted in an overflowing ditch, emitting a foul smell that was impossible to ignore. I was more alarmed by the fact that there is a cleaning crew on staff that regularly clears the premises of rubbish.

It reminds me of the recent national celebration, when people posted photos of the aftermath of the event. There was rubbish all over the capital. One could argue that there were not enough trash cans around. But a civic-minded person would have taken it home to be discarded properly.

It’s getting to the point where I wonder if we have done enough to educate the public on the importance of cleanliness.

Every few weeks, there is bound to be a company or an individual caught red-handed littering in a public space and received hefty fine for their action. But are these fines enough to deter others?

While it’s heart-warming to see people volunteering their time to clean up beaches and mosques, these campaigns only serve as temporary solutions to an otherwise long-running issue. We have to get everyone to agree that the public spaces are there for all to enjoy.

Law enforcement may help, but education will offer a far more sustainable solution; and it has to start from a young age.

Peanut Man


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