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E-volutionary shift

Porsche takes a bold step into electric mobility with the world premiere of its second all-electric model, marking a transformative chapter in cutting-edge automotive innovation.

Porsche is boldly advancing into the forefront of electric mobility, marking a significant stride with the unveiling of its second all-elec­tric model, the new Macan, during a captivating world premiere, herald­ing a transformative chapter as Porsche intensifies its commit­ment to cutting-edge electrifica­tion in automotive innovation.

Under the gentle drizzle at the outset, the world premiere of the new Macan unfolded beneath the captivating night sky of Singapore’s iconic attraction, Gardens by the Bay. The Borneo Bulletin was graciously invited to partake in this extraordinary event.

At the world premiere, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG Oliver Blume emphasised the city’s role as an innovation hub and a green megacity, symbolising the gateway to a future marked by the all-electric Macan.

The event, coinciding with Singapore art week, showcased the car alongside the impressive artwork of Marc Fornes, drawing parallels between the vehicle and the sculpture. Both embody state-of-the-art technology, innovative design, and the pursuit of perfection-the true Art of Engineering.

Blume further highlighted Porsche’s historic move, following the success of the Taycan, to launch its second all-electric model, with the Macan evolving from its remarkable journey since 2013, catering to over 800,000 customers worldwide.

The company is elevating the Macan to new heights in three key aspects: E-Performance, the Porsche driver experience, and an emphasis on expressive design.


The new Macan is available in two variants: the Macan 4 and the new Macan Turbo.

Jiirg Kerner, Vice President Product Line Macan, emphasises the goal of providing the sportiest model in its segment with the all-electric Macan. Porsche employs the latest generation of permanently-excited PSM electric motors on both front and rear axles, ensuring exception­al efficiency and precise reproduc­ibility of power output.

The all-electric Macan, boasting powertrains reaching 470 kW (639 PS), seamlessly combines E-Performance with versatility across terrains. This cutting-edge vehicle emerged from the architec­tural marvel “Two-car garage” by Marc Fornes, an intricate self-sup­porting 30 ‘puzzle’ comprising over 6,000 ultra-thin aluminium pieces.

Remarkable E-Performance is evident in the numbers, with the Macan 4 delivering up to 300 kW (408 PS) of overboost power, and the Macan Turbo boasting an impressive 470 kW (639 PS).

Both models exhibit maximum torque of 650 Nm and 1,130 Nm, respectively, ensuring outstanding driving performance.

Accelerating from 0 to 100 km/h, the Macan 4 achieves it in 5.2 seconds, while the Macan Turbo accomplishes this feat in just 3.3 seconds. The top speeds for the two models are 220 km/h and 260 km/h, respectively. The electric motors derive power from a 100 kWh lithium-ion battery situated in the underbody, with an active usage capacity of up to 95 kWh.

This high-voltage (HV) battery is a key element of the newly developed Premium Platform Electric (PPE) featuring an 800-volt architecture, introduced by Porsche in the new Macan.

With a DC charging output of up to 270 kW, the battery can be rapidly charged from 10 to 80 per cent in approximately 21 minutes at a compatible fast-charging station. The combined WLTP range is an impressive up to 613 km for the Macan 4 and up to 591 km for the Macan Turbo.

Thanks to enhanced proportions and the infusion of Porsche Design DNA, the new Macan models exude a dynamic and commanding presence.

Vice President Style Porsche Michael Mauer, noted, “With the all-electric Macan, we are present­ing Porsche’s first venture into electrification while preserving an established product identity.”

Electrifying Aesthetics

The distinct brand identity of the new Macan aligns seamlessly with the Porsche product family, showcasing classic proportions that are refined and optimised for the challenges of an electric vehicle. This evolution enhances the Macan’s sporty, modern, and dynamic aesthetic, reaffirming its position as the sports car of choice within its segment, even in its electric form.

The headlights feature a distinctive design, with the flat upper light unit, housing four-point daytime running lights, embedded in the wings to accentuate the car’s width. Positioned slightly lower in the front end, the main headlight module offers optional matrix LED technology.

The Macan showcases the latest display and operating concept, featuring up to three screens, including a free-standing 12.6-inch curved-design instru­ment cluster and a 10.9-inch central display.

Passengers can also access information, adjust settings, or stream video content on their optional 10.9-inch screen while the car is in motion. Additionally, the Porsche Driver Experience now includes a head-up display with augmented reality technology.

Hannes Ruoff, Chief Executive Officer at Porsche Asia Pacific, shared insights on Brunei’s market during an interview within the ASEAN Growth Strategy Corporate program. He expressed satisfaction with the efforts of Lahiru, the general manager of QAF Prestige, in Brunei.

Snapshot featuring the Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG, VP Overseas & Emerging Markets, Porsche AG, Chief Executive Officer at Porsche Asia Pacific, and other senior officials during the unveiling of the new Porsche Studio Singapore.

Ruoff emphasised the importance of the local team’s focus on people’s development, as they play a crucial role in delivering the ultimate customer experience. Despite Brunei’s size, Porsche sees potential in the market by offering a unique experience and aims to be an integral part of the local community and culture.

Matthias Becker, VP Overseas & Emerging Markets at Porsche AG, discussed the transition to electric vehicles, noting a gradual shift from combustion engines.

He highlighted the coexistence of internal combustion engine (ICE) models like the 911, Cayenne, and Panamera alongside electric vehicles in each segment. In Brunei, Porsche aims to understand customer preferences and cater to their needs in this evolving automotive landscape. 

Versatile Spaces

During the three-day, two-night trip to Singapore, the Bulletin also witnessed the unveiling of the brand-new Porsche Studio Singapore, situated within the esteemed Guoco Midtown mixed development.

The state-of-the-art, two-story showroom is strategically positioned near the Bugis heritage district in downtown Singapore.

The innovative Porsche Studio Singapore introduces a ground-breaking Porsche Lifestyle concept store on its first level, featuring a unique walkthrough ‘tunnel’ with creative displays-a first in the Porsche world.

The showroom also boasts a distinctive car hoist, adding a novel touch to the Porsche experience as it serves both practical and aesthetic purposes, facilitating the movement of display cars and providing a customisable space for thematic decorations.

On the second floor, modular spaces offer versatility for diverse activities. From serene yoga sessions to dynamic product trainings and presentations, captivating keynote speeches, and exhilarating e-sports races using cutting-edge simulators, the showroom provides limitless ways for fans and customers to immerse themselves in the Porsche brand and its partner ecosystem in Singapore.

Additionally, the entire Studio can seamlessly transform into a chic catwalk for fashion show extravaganzas upon request.