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Dyson opens new global HQ, to invest SGD1.5B in Singapore operations

SINGAPORE (CNA) – Technology company Dyson will invest SGD1.5 billion in its Singapore operations over the next four years, it announced at the official opening of its new global headquarters at St James Power Station on Friday.

“Dyson’s expansion here is possible because of the wonderful inventiveness and enthusiasm of the young Singaporean engineers and scientists who have joined us. You can feel the ambition of this ingenious country.

“It reaffirms our belief that Singapore is the right place for high-tech, research intensive businesses such as Dyson,” said founder and chairman James Dyson at the event.

“Singapore is at the centre of our global supply chain. We research, design and develop products here. We have research programmes with your outstanding universities. For these reasons, it’s our global headquarters.”

Dyson plans to hire more than 250 engineers and scientists across robotics, machine learning and other areas, as previously announced.

An illustration of Dyson’s global headquarters at St James Power Station in Singapore. PHOTO: CNA

The company will also establish a new global cybersecurity centre here, it said last year.

The technology company, famous for its vacuum cleaners and other home appliances, currently employs more than 1,400 people in Singapore, of which 560 are engineers and scientists, it said in a press release.

Dyson previously said it would invest nearly SGD5 billion in new technology to double its product portfolio and enter new fields “beyond the home” by 2025. The fresh investments, announced in November 2020, will focus on Singapore, the United Kingdom and the Philippines.

The company will hold on to its other premises in Singapore – an 88,000 sq ft space at Singapore Science Park that currently serves as its main location for product development and testing, as well as an advanced manufacturing facility in Jurong that builds its patented digital motors. Dyson is also looking at other spaces, including a new factory in Tuas to manufacture a new battery, said Dyson.