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Dreamcatcher’s villainous comeback surprise

ANN/THE KOREA HERALD – In a bold and captivating move, the dynamic K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher has made their ninth EP entrance with “VillainS,” where they assume the roles of antagonists. The highly anticipated album, released this Wednesday, marks a significant departure for the group as they delve into a fresh universe.

Jiu, Dreamcatcher’s leader, shed light on the concept during a press conference in Seoul, stating, “With this album, we’ve opened a new chapter where we embody villains navigating towards a goal, contending with various temptations along the way.”

Headlined by the punk rock-infused title track “OOTD,” the latest album comprises a collection of six dynamic tracks.

“The acronym ‘OOTD’ stands for ‘outfit of the day.’ We thought that the way we dress is how we express our confidence so we tried to portray our group’s confidence through this single,” said Sua of Dreamcatcher.

In the music video, the girls are villains who fight for a throne that has a special power to charm people.

K-pop girl group Dreamcatcher introduces its 9th EP, “VillainS,” during a press conference in Seoul on Wed. PHOTO: ANN/THE KOREA HERALD SOURCE

“We named the highlight dance move, the ‘Oh Oh dance,’ and it involves pointing our hands towards one’s top and then to one’s bottom to boast the outfit of the day,” explained Gahyeon of Dreamcatcher.

This year marks the group’s seventh anniversary of their debut.

The group has been active since the release of its debut single album, “Nightmare,” in 2017.

Despite the “seven-year curse” in K-pop, which refers to the disbanding of most K-pop groups seven years after their debut due to the termination of their exclusive contracts with their agency, Dreamcatcher managed to stay together, as all members renewed their contracts with their agency Dreamcatcher Company earlier this year.

“We can’t believe seven years have passed since our debut, because we still feel like rookies. Our relationship remains strong and we are really lucky to have our agency release two albums per year. We will continue to do our best for many more years to come,” said Jiu.