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Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Brunei Town

Don’t let hectic worldly affairs be reason for parental neglect: Imams

Azlan Othman

Muslims are reminded not to use a hectic life schedule as an excuse for parental neglect.

In a Friday sermon, Imams said, “We should not raise our voice or use harsh words when talking to our parents. We must ensure their well-being and not leave them unsupervised, especially if they are physically incapable.

“It would be better to have them stay with us. Should that not be possible, then we should pay them regular visits.

“We should pray for their safety, place them as a priority and not view them as a burden. Shower them with love and care while they are still alive; and for those who have passed, make visits to their grave or give alms,” the Imams said.

“Islam orders us to be kind and to respect our parents, holding them in a higher light owing to their meritorious service in raising and educating us, ensuring our needs are met. Their service and good deeds can not be compensated with cash or any form of reward.

“If an individual can have a strong bond with a friend at the office or school, then there is no reason to neglect their parents well-being,” the Imams added.

Muslims were also called on to show kindness to parents, reegardless of the faith they belong to, as long as parents don’t ask them to perform acts that go against the teachings of Islam, are sinful, or go against the order of Allah the Almighty.

“Parents are the route for us to enter heaven; if we carry out good deeds for them and practise acts not against the belief, heaven awaits us in the hereafter,” the Imams said.


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