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Disney+ to release ‘BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star’ next month

(ANN/KOREA HERALD) — Disney+ will be airing a documentary chronicling the 10 years of BTS’ music career on December 20, label Big Hit Music announced on Tuesday.

“BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star,” will give viewers a chance at an up close and personal look at the artists as they look back on the paths they paved over the last decade, in an eight-part series. 

“BTS Monuments: Beyond the Star” releases in December on Disney+. PHOTO: Disney+ via ANN/KOREA HERALD

The septet debuted in June 2013 and all members renewed their contracts with the label in October 2018. They decided to stay as a group and with the management firm, the company announced in September, reassuring fans that they will remain as a team in 2025 when full-group activities are expected. Jin, J-Hope and Suga are currently serving their mandatory military duties.