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Dhruv kapoor promotes healing

AP – Kapoor has a message of radical self-acceptance in his collection, which combined floral prints promoting stillness, cartoon images of Godzilla representing aggression and lace details for romanticism.

The designer, through his collection dubbed ‘The Embracer’, advocates embracing all of our parts, even those viewed negatively. Not that he thinks the solution lies in wardrobing.

“It’s a very simple process. Look in the mirror and tell yourself, ‘I love you’. And see how the magic starts to shift. You just need to admire yourself just the way you are,” Kapoor said.

The collection includes a fitted, ripped denim dress over loose jeans. Broad-shoulder suit jackets were combined with tight trousers that flare into a bell bottom. Oversized sweatshirts were layered with cotton tunics and a sheer lace pant. Godzilla raged on the front of a button-down shirt or tight-fitting dress, while a silver pillow jacket had reptilian spikes down the back.

“Godzilla also has a very negative, monstrous thing attached to it,” Kapoor said. But that should not impede acceptance, he insisted.

Crystals on knitwear, suits and jackets hold energy that Kapoor said can be activated to have a positive impact on the wearer’s life. Instructions are included with the garments.

Kapoor also promotes healing for the environment. Nearly two-thirds of his collection is either upcycled, employing leftover textiles that otherwise would be discarded, or recycled.

For this season, all of his suit fabrics are made from recycled plastics.