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Cybersecurity awareness campaign promotes resilient, secure society

Bank Islam Brunei Darussalam (BIBD) is currently embarking on a 12-month cybersecurity awareness campaign in collaboration with Cyber Security Brunei (CSB) and Brunei Computer Emergency Response Team (BruCERT), aimed at fostering greater awareness of cyber threats and empowering members of the public to be safer and more secure online.

BIBD’s Chief Information Officer Adi Shamsul bin Haji Sabli said, “The COVID-19 pandemic has led to more and more of our daily activities being conducted online. With higher demand and utilisation of digital banking, it is therefore more important than ever to be aware of and adopt good cyber security practices.”

He added, “BIBD takes online security very seriously. It was and always has been at the top of our agenda.

“However, we see online threats these days are becoming more sophisticated and are constantly evolving. Hence we want to provide the necessary information not just to our customers but the public in general on how to stay safe and protected from cyber threats and online scams”.

Meanwhile, CSB Interim Commissioner Shamsul Bahri bin Haji Kamis said CSB will continue to collaborate with other organisations, in its effort to inculcate a security-aware culture among the public.

He added, “The banking and finance sector is one of the critical information infrastructures which is highly targetted by cybercriminals, whether during the pandemic or otherwise.

“With BIBD, we are working towards not just a safer digital banking environment for its customers and constituents specifically but also towards a better cyber hygiene among the population in general.”

The BIBD, CSB and BruCERT cybersecurity awareness campaign will use social media to educate the public on topics such as how to stay safe while working remotely, online shopping, best practices when selecting passwords and using social media as well as awareness on different cyber threats such as phishing, smishing and social engineering attacks.

As a Partner in Progress, BIBD is deeply invested in supporting the nation’s drive towards becoming a Smart Nation, empowered by a digital economy.

The campaign is part of BIBD’s contribution to drive to ensure a more resilient and secure society as we move to achieve Brunei Vision 2035, and is in support of Brunei’s Digital Economy Masterplan 2025 which call on both the government and private sector to strengthen the country’s cybersecurity landscape, together with the growth of digital usage towards the protection of data, infrastructure, and networks against growing cyber threats.