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Cruise ship presents lessons on hospitality

Izah Azahari

The School of Hospitality and Tourism at Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) initiated an educational visit to the Oceania Insignia cruise ship docked at the Cruise Ship Centre, Muara Conventional Terminal on Sunday.

Programme leader for Tourism Programme at the School of Hospitality and Tourism Siti Umi Amirah binti Haji Ra’emi Maleek arranged and led the visit.

Some 30 students and five teaching staff from the Higher National Technical Education Certificate (HNTec) in Hospitality Operations programme and HNTec in Travel and Tourism joined the visit.

The visit aimed to provide students insights on the cruise industry as well as the facilities and services provided on cruise ship. The students received hands-on experience of lessons they covered in the classroom. They also learnt about various job opportunities in the cruise Industry.

HNTec in Hospitality Operations student Abdul Qawim bin Mohd Noorhafiz said, “It was interesting because I got the opportunity to learn about the operations inside the cruise ship, including how staff work in a cruise ship restaurant, mainly on how they serve passengers and how baristas make and serve drinks.”

The School of Hospitality and Tourism of Institute of Brunei Technical Education (IBTE) visited the Oceania Insignia cruise ship at Muara Port on Sunday
Students in a group photo at Muara Port. PHOTOS: IBTE
The students receive a demonstration on the Oceania Insignia

He added that witnessing different styles of service has broadened his knowledge and experience in the restaurant sector.

HNTec in Travel and Tourism student Nur Haziqah Umairah binti Azimi said that she learnt a lot during the visit, as it was relevant to the customer service module she is currently taking.

She added, “I felt like a special guest because everyone was welcoming and friendly.

“The atmosphere was very different to what I experience in Brunei or in other countries. I learnt the different ways the staff deal with veterans and tourists, how they provide good hospitality and the importance of executing excellent customer service.

“I am motivated to do well in my studies so I can help the hospitality and tourism industry in Brunei.”

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