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Crocs heating up 995 hotline

James Kon

The Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) received 21 distress calls on its 995 hotline on crocodile disturbance between January 1 and April 26, including one fatality, said the agency in a statement yesterday.

It added that 46 similar calls were logged in 2021.

Meanwhile, the Forestry Department released the annual statistics for 2021, which showed 31 complaints relating to crocodiles.

In response, the department dispatched a team to set up 24 cable snare traps in 2021 and another 13 so far this year across the country to capture the crocodiles. To date, four crocodiles have been netted.

The department has also placed signboards in known crocodile habitats to serve as a reminder to the public of the danger they pose.

In view of the current monsoon transition period and with expected increase in thunderstorms and flash floods, the public is urged to keep an eye for wildlife encroachment into human dwellings.

The public is also advised to stay alert when carrying out water activities as well as refrain from keeping poultry at residences that are near the river to avoid attracting predators.

File photo shows a captured crocodile. PHOTO: FRD