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Crocodile ‘rocks’ Kampong Bengkurong

Lyna Mohamad

The Fire and Rescue Department (FRD) recently responded to reports of a wandering crocodile in Kampong Bengkurong.

A resident, who was returning from the mosque after performing Subuh prayers, spotted the crocodile snatching and eating a cat in the neigbourhood.

Meanwhile, another resident spotted the reptile moving fast towards its hiding place. He managed to take a video recording of the incident.

Kampong Bengkurong Village Head Haji Talib bin Haji Bakar, after alerting the FRD, also contacted the Wildlife Division of the Forestry Department to assist in capturing the reptile.

The Forestry Department’s personnel placed a trap to lure the crocodile from its hiding place, believed to be in the drainage around the area where it was first spotted.

Haji Talib said several measures have been taken to ensure villagers’ safety, including advising the residents to keep watch and alert the FRD as soon as a wildlife is spotted.

“So far, there have not been any reports or cases of crocodiles going up further than the riverbank and into home compounds. However I do remind residents to always stay alert and keep watch to ensure safety,” he said.

A trap set by personnel of the Forestry Department to lure the crocodile out. PHOTO: LYNA MOHAMAD
The wandering crocodile in Kampong Bengkurong