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Coral restoration project receives recognition

Coral restoration works carried out by Reef Check received a bronze award for ‘exceptional project by a student team’ from Shell NXplorers recently, according to the Seria Energy Lab (SEL).

The NXplorers programme was created by Shell to equip the younger generation to build awareness, develop thinking tools, and encourage complex problem-solving skills to explore real world problems revolving around the stress nexus (food, water, and energy). The programme gives young people the tools and strategies they need to understand the complexity and to recognise how they can create change.

Reef Check is a non-governmental organisation (NGO) dedicated to the conservation of Brunei’s ocean reef ecosystem. The NGO is run by youth passionate about reef conservation. Their initiatives include raising awareness through education, research, and conservation activities.

Members from Reef Check participated in the three-day NXplorersworkshop alongside other local NGOs in June 2022. Reef Check is also the recipient of a NXplorers mini-grant by SEL to assist them in their project.

Secretariat and project manager for Reef Check’s coral restoration project Frederick Chong, commented that the workshop has trained the team to see the big picture and considered different perspective during the project.

Volunteers from Reef Check work on a coral restoration project. PHOTOS: SEL